Luna Z-rod

Luna Z-ROD is an animated music video i made for a song i wrote and recorded with a local piper, Jimi Mcrae - Taken from the new album LAST KING OF PICTLAND . A unique album of bagpipe music that crosses genres from traditional to progressive rock to heavy metal with many musicians playing a wide range of instruments including guitar, bass, keyboards, didgeridoo, theremin and percussion. Jimi McRae himself plays highland, lowland, arabic and electronic bagpipes on the album and also performs Canntaireachd , the ancient mouth music of Highland pipers. More info, videos and photos can be viewed on the album website The video itself is almost six months of work modelling , animating and editing. Drawing inspiration from pictish stones , symbols and art the video tries to express the relationship between picts and the moon and to some degree our own relationship with lunar phases. I used Cinema4d and element3d for animation and modelling, after effects for colour , compositing, effects and chroma key and premiere for editing.

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